About Erasmusplus - Ubuntu Leaders Academy
What is it?

Ubuntu Building Bridges for Peace is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Program Youth in Action and aims to share knowledge about the Ubuntu Method, which underpins the Ubuntu Leadership Academy project, so that it can be replicated everywhere in the world where there are people who recognize their value and transforming power.
The project is composed of four different products that compete for the same purpose: to provide all stakeholders with the means to replicate the Ubuntu Leadership Academy, based on the Ubuntu Method, ensuring respect for its principles.


The first product of this project is an essay on Ubuntu philosophy, which counts with the contribution of several experts and intends to allow a greater knowledge on this subject, offering a set of looks and opinions with very diverse and complementary origins and experiences. The second product is this manual that is now presented. The third is an entrepreneurial handbook, inspired by Ubuntu, which will help to realize the fifth pillar of the Ubuntu Method, the Service, offering the necessary tools developed by those who have a lot of experience in the area, the Tomillo Foundation of Madrid and the Everis consultancy in Lisbon.


Finally, the last product is a website, which provides all content in at least three languages ​​- Portuguese, Spanish and English, and will also manage the formations that are developed within the scope of the Ubuntu Leadership Academy.


The opportunity to develop and lead this project is of enormous importance to IPAV who has witnessed the tremendous transformative power that the Ubuntu method has had in many of those who have participated in Ubuntu Leadership Academies all over the world. To share it is therefore a design, but also a responsibility.




welcome | Ubuntu Book | Introduction to Ubuntu: values, principles and meaning;

welcome | Ubuntu Manual |Pratical Guide for implementation of an Ubuntu Academy (preparation, formats, method, dynamics, session plans, activities, etc);

welcome | Social Entrepreneurship Manual | Support guide to the creation and implementation of social entrepreneurship projects of Ubuntu genesis and philosophy;  

welcome | Ubuntu Online Platform | Website for systematization of the Ubuntu project and training support for its structuring, implementation and monitoring;


  • Consortium Meeting in Athens

    2018 10 18 13.07.28

    Project Management Meeting to evaluate the work performed and organization and planning of future activities.

  • Learning Event in Madrid

    2018 05 28 15.36.51

    The consortium partners met in Madrid between 28 and 31 May 2018 to present and discuss the outcomes. Tools training: Ubuntu Book and Ubuntu Manual.

  • Kick-Of meeting in Lisbon

    IMG 8464

    The consortium partners met in Lisbon in February 2018 for networking and to discuss the topics to be addressed in the materials produced.